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Long Crack Repair up to 18 inches!

Windshield Rock Chip RepairFIX-A-CHIP Auto Glassin Las Vegas, NV now offers long crack repair up to 18 inches. If you have a small crack in your windshield that has grown in size don't worry, we still may be able to repair it to prevent a costly replacement. There are some conditions that apply, but if the damage is not in your line of sight chances are we can fix it.

Most companies around town choose not to perform these types of windshield repairs because they can make more money by replacing it, but because we don't do replacements you can be sure we will provide the best repair possible.

Windshield Repair in The Las Vegas Summer.

Mobile Windshield Crack RepairWith the weather starting to heat up I thought it would be a good idea to give a few hints on how to maintain your windshield in this brutal Las Vegas heat. If you have a chip or crack in your windshield it is very important to keep the windshield as cool as possible. If you can, always park in the shade and roll down your windows an inch or two so the heat doesn't build up in the vehicle. Never wash your car in the summer if you have even a small crack in your windshield. The rapid cooling of the window from the cold water will almost always end with the crack expanding, but don't worry if you call us as soon as possible we can usually come out that day, and once the windshield repair is completed you may wash your car right afterwards.

FIX-A-CHIP Auto Glass Windshield Repair

Welcome toFIX-A-CHIP Auto Glassin Las Vegas, NV. This will be the first in a monthly blog that will help educate the public of the benefits windshield rock chip repair has to offer.
Windshield repair las vegas nevadaLet me begin by giving you a little information on why I started FIX-A-CHIP Auto Glass. I worked for several different auto glass companies before starting FIX-A-CHIP Auto Glass, and the one thing I thought was missing in the Las Vegas valley was a premier company thatspecializedin mobile windshield repair, so FIX-A-CHIP Auto Glass was born.